Functional Strength Workshop

Functional Strength Workshop
Functional Strength Workshop

Our Functional Strength Workshop takes athletes, hobbyists and coaches through two days of Strength Training Fundamentals for Functional Fitness.

At this seminar you will:

  • Be drilled through the progression line for each technique.
  • Learn the system of going from basic to advanced of strength exercises.
  • Understand the most common breakdowns and how to address them.
  • Learn how to improve your muscular imbalances to further improve your strength.
  • Learn injury prevention skills to prolong a longer athletic lifestyle.
  • Be able to reach your max lifts in a safe environment.

There are no pre-requisites for this workshop, it is beneficial for beginners to advanced athletes to coaches and/ or personal trainers.

The Practical Content:

Each practical starts with the flexibility and joint preparation demands for that skill.

We then go through the progression line starting with the fundamentals, progressing steadily towards the full skill.

Participants will be instructed on the key points and spotting techniques for the specific skill and will be given the opportunity to practice both of the above.

Important concepts and cues are introduced between working sets in a progressive fashion so all attendees build a complete understanding of the whole technique.

Each practical is re-capped at the end, where participants can take notes and ask questions.

All participants will receive a written document with all that will be covered in the workshop as well as an 8 Week Strength Program with details including warm-up, activation exercises and accessory work.

Workshop Schedule Breakdown:


  • Introduction
  • Importance of mobility in sport and injury prevention
  • Mobility screening for Squat
  • Theory of Squat
  • Dynamic warm-up for the Squat
  • Squat Execution
  • 3RM Back squat attempt


  • Theory of Bench Press
  • Mobility screening for Bench Press
  • Bench Press Execution
  • 3 RM Bench Press attempt


  • Theory of the Deadlift
  • Dynamic warm-up for the Deadlift
  • Execution for the Deadlift
  • 3 RM Deadlift attempt


  • Accessory work theory
  • Execution of accessory work
  • Cool down and post WOD mobility
  • Final Workshop summary & feedback