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Tripod Nutrition
Tripod Nutrition

CrossFit Tripod offers a 6-week and an 8-week nutrition challenge. This is an individual Nutrition plan which shall be based on your specific measurements. You will also be followed by our Nutritionist Romi throughout the duration of the challenge. The plan is intended for both fat loss and muscle gain and to broaden your knowledge on nutrition. Aimed at helping you practice better nutrition during and after the challenge, helping you perform and feel your best. During the challenge you will learn about the appropriate food portions for your body and the best foods to include in your shopping list. You get to enjoy new recipes created by Romi, that you can make part of your plan. you will be presented with many food choices and combinations to choose from for variety. You will also be part of our closed facebook community. Here all those partaking in the challenge will be involved and your coaches will give you constant feedback. It is a group aimed at help support each other, where we will post recipes and nutrition information every week. A place where you can post any questions that you may encounter at any time of day.

Who is it for?

  • Those who want to lose that extra fat while keeping their strength. 
  • Those who are into CrossFit or any other sports and want to reap the full benefits of exercise and have a matching powerful lean body.
  • Those who want to make the best food choices to feel full of energy to last through the day.
  • Those who lack motivation but always wished to have that lean athletic body.

What to expect

This is a customized plan based on your specific goals and body composition. Except it is done as a group which we believe is the secret weapon to success, strength in numbers.

The plan begins with a detailed questionnaire which helps us understand your goals and lifestyle. After which, you will be asked to come down to Tripod Fitness (Ta Qali). Here, you will do your Body Fat test using our gold standard machine, The Inbody270. Your results will be issued immediately and you will be given printed results to be used as a starting point on your journey. A copy will be sent to our Head Nutritionist Romi. She will use your results together with your questionnaire to create your personalised plan. Your plan together with your shopping list will be sent to you via email a few days before the Challenge begins so that you can prepare and better understand your diet over the following weeks.

You will also immediately be added to a closed Facebook group where you will be given constant updates and where you can all share any questions and post your delicious meals as designed by our Head Nutritionist Romi. The Fb group will be used as our form of communication throughout the challenge.

In addition to this, you will receive a measurement log and strict instructions on how to take measurements. Every 2 weeks you will be asked to send a copy of your logbook to us. This will help keep you accountable & it will also help us understand how your diet is going. Through this & weekly check ins, we will be able to make amendments if we see it is necessary.

Once the challenge is up we will also guide you on to the next step of understanding how to maintain those results.

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